About Us



Chicago based PowerPlay FYI has been providing premier live music entertainment since 2006. It delivers a mix of current and classic hits in many styles. With jazz influenced funk, R&B, Latin and soul, PowerPlay FYI reflects the diverse influences of its hometown music scene. "Power" comes from world class musicianship and energetic performance. "Play" comes from a blend percussion infused rhythms with lush vocals and brass that create a signature sound that’s a luxury in today's sparse music landscape. Big sound, big power FYI (For Your Indulgence).

PAMELA (vocals)


Pam's history starts in fashion as a model and spokesperson in the US and abroad. As a singer she has performed at notable venues such as Kennedy Center, Brooklyn Academy of Performing Arts and Hollywood Palladium. She is one of the most sampled voices in electronica/house music stemming from remixes of her hit song "Kickin' in the Beat". Pam is also sought after for voiceover and jingle work and is the featured vocalist in the Rhythm City band and her own Pamela's Dreams jazz ensemble. Her presence brings energy and elegance in fulfilling her mission, "To bring the glamour of the past to the present and take it right into the future."

JOHNNY (guitar/vocals)


Johnny is an accomplished guitarist and songwriter originally from Miami and one of Chicago’s best kept secrets where he can be seen performing in Latin bands and jazz ensembles or rocking it out with the best of them. Johnny is equally comfortable wailing out Bob Marley hits or wrapping his voice around sensual Latin love ballads.

CARLOS (drums)


Recognized for his versatility, Carlos got his groove on playing with numerous local musicians. Equally comfortable with jazz, pop, latin, rock and R&B, Carlos always drives the energy level up  notch. Major musical influences are Tony williams, Dennis Chambers, Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, David Garibaldi and Dave Weckl. Carlos also appears regularly with Chicago based Rhythm City.

RUBEN (keyboards)


Ruben is a veteran live and studio player and song writer. He's an active member of ASCAP and the Recording Academy. His experience includes performing and touring with The Business, Hiline, One Way, Neuron and The Kidderminster Brothers. Major influences are Chick Corea, Jimmy Smith, Chester Thompson, George Duke and Stevie Wonder. Ruben can also be seen performing with local bands Hiline, Rhythm City, Fuze and Scott May's (Ides of March) One Armed Orchestra.

JOSH (bass)


With a list of credits a mile long and the talent to back it up, Josh is always in demand. From upright to electric bass, he provides a depth and drive that embraces the music. Josh is an influential bassist who can be seen performing globally with the likes of Ramsey Lewis and Phillip Bailey (Earth Wind and Fire).

JUN (sax)


Jun got hooked on the sax in high school and never looked back. He developed a deep appreciation of jazz standards and studied under Joe Daley. Jun has extensive live and studio experience. Influences include Grover Washington, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn and Warren Hill. He can also be seen performing with local bands 4the Beat and Sama Sama Project.

FREDDIE (trumpet)


Freddie brings the fire that makes the brass section sizzle. He's in demand on the Chicago Salsa scene having performed with luminaries like Ismael Miranda and Celia Cruz. His versatility shines in jazz, R&B, funk and pop.

FRANCIS (trumpet)


Francis brings his classical and jazz experience to bear arranging brass parts and rounding out the brass section. He brings versatility and power. He's particularly into Chicago Symphony, the Jerry Hey horn section and Doc Severinsen. He also leads his own popular band, Rendition.



PowerPlay FYI is fortunate to have access to many great musicians to compliment the lineup and to ensure our maximum availability. Accomplished in their own right, these professionals bring their diverse musical signatures enriching the quality and variety of our selection.


Bobby Delgado (congas, percussion)

Dan Agosto (guitar)

Dale Vargas (guitar, vocals)

Janie Reyes (vocals)

Jessica Moran (vocals)

Ogie Merced (congas, percussion)
Rober Imundo (vocals, sax)

Tim Seisser (bass)

Victor Camacho (drums, vocals)

Wally Hustin (bass)